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Forum Guidelines

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:24 pm

Forum Guidelines
Topics and messages that do not meet the below guidelines are subject to removal. Members who do not adhere to our Forum Guidelines are subject to banning

Topics and Messages must be:

Family-friendly - No objectionable comments, language or images.

BH4-related - Forums are for BH4-related discussions. Irrelevant content is subject to removal.

Non-threatening - encourages discussions in our forums, even those about controversial topics, but it’s important that everyone feels welcome and safe. will not tolerate:
        - Messages targeting any member with insults, attacks, or inappropriate personal comments.
        - Challenges to another member's right to participate on the forum.
        - Sarcastic and snide comments.
        - Posting of any personal information without permission.
        - Posting by anyone under 13 years. It's the law!

Free of solicitations - welcomes recommendations and critiques from our forum members, but forum visitors do not visit the forums to be solicited or sold to.  This also prohibits solicitations and invitations to participate in surveys, polls and research for any other purpose beyond this forum.

Free of inappropriate hyperlinks -
Hyperlinks added to any forum Message must be directly related to the content of that particular message.  NOTE: URLs in forum messages will automatically be hyperlinked, so be very careful what you click on, because we obviously have no control over the target site of the URL.

Plagiarism -
Keep it legal!  Do not post copyrighted material.

Post carefully and respectfully - A single profanity, hostile comment or personal insult, can lead to the removal of a post. reserves the right to remove any forum topic or message for any reason. We'd like to keep removals of topics and messages to a minimum, so please follow the Forum Guidelines.

Thank you! Admin

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